Hi there and welcome on my website!

I'm Catalin, a young photographer from Romania, currently living in Luxembourg, and I'm very excited to find out about your NEW PHOTO PROJECT.

Given that my other area of expertise is civil engineering, I consider myself lucky to have a double perception on what surrounds us - a realistic one and an artistic one, dovetailing in unique frames that get to last for eternity.

I love working and interacting with people, I like letting places tell me their story and I adore SHOOTing COLORS as they are, capturing every detail and rendering the whole as real as possible but never forgetting to leave my own mark.

What I aim for is a speechless public and not speechless frames, so I will let the photos speak for themselves, inviting you on my website to discover a part of my activity so far.

Have a PICTUREsque day!

About Catalin Burlacu Luxembourg Photographer
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About Catalin Burlacu Luxembourg Photographer