If only we fought all wars with feathers... (International pillow fight day, Bucharest)

International Pillow Fight Day is celebrated on 1st of April in more than 50 cities across the world. This year, Bucharest celebrated the 3rd edition of this event, with people gathering in the city center, at University Square.

Under the sun of a wonderful spring day, fluffy pillows and cheerful children were the main characters of this story. There was music and bursts of laughter and millions of white feathers dancing in the air. The light was great for contrasty black&white pictures and, among the models, the most innocent human beings on Earth.

I was there and took part at the fight, “shooting” the warriors :). Therefore, I will let my shots do the talking and reveal the amazing atmosphere:

Shadows series

I know it has been a while since my last post here, so I'm trying to catch up these days. It has been a fruitful period, so I'm trying to share with you a part of my work that I managed to capture both in Luxembourg city and Bucharest.

Hope you'll enjoy my "SHADOWS" series!

Humans in urban geometry

Yesterday I had a great time with some wonderful people and, at the same time, dedicated street photographers. It was a photo walk organized by the “On SPOT - Street Photography Photowalks & Workshops” Facebook group. After a rainy Friday, we had a great sunny day, perfect to create strong contrasts, just right for the chosen theme: "Humans in urban geometry".

So, take a look here to see some of my shots from yesterday:

Amazing people

You can watch below some of the street photos I took during my last trip to Bali.

Winter in Luxembourg

A few days ago i wouldn't have thought that winter was going to come for real in Luxembourg, but now...

Santa, already?

Yesterday I went to a city near Luxembourg for a short walk, and I noticed that almost every store had some Christmas gifts and decorations.

I thought it was too early since there are 2 more months till Christmas, but I saw Santa walking around undercover, probably checking if everything was on schedule. So I guess I was wrong...

PS: I didn't know that Santa was a Chicago Bulls fan :)

Autumn colors

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons" (Jim Bishop), so I went out to admire its richness and I didn't come empty handed.

Zoo d'Amneville

27.07.2014 – accuweather forecast: 26°C, partly cloudy. Just a perfect day to visit “Un des plus beaux d’Europe” Zoo (as it is written on their website). You can see below some images from Amneville Zoo: