Amazing people

You can watch below some of the street photos I took during my last trip to Bali.

Winter in Luxembourg

A few days ago i wouldn't have thought that winter was going to come for real in Luxembourg, but now...

Santa, already?

Yesterday I went to a city near Luxembourg for a short walk, and I noticed that almost every store had some Christmas gifts and decorations.

I thought it was too early since there are 2 more months till Christmas, but I saw Santa walking around undercover, probably checking if everything was on schedule. So I guess I was wrong...

PS: I didn't know that Santa was a Chicago Bulls fan :)

Autumn colors

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons" (Jim Bishop), so I went out to admire its richness and I didn't come empty handed.

Zoo d'Amneville

27.07.2014 – accuweather forecast: 26°C, partly cloudy. Just a perfect day to visit “Un des plus beaux d’Europe” Zoo (as it is written on their website). You can see below some images from Amneville Zoo: